The module will help students to develop key academic skills and attributes that they will rely on in future years of study, such as; critical analysis, creativity, presentation skills and the ability to direct their own research. Students will also develop attributes that are essential for a variety of careers, such as problem-solving skills, effective project management and using digital media to communicate ideas with others.

Thinking further ahead, many organisations and workplaces value the skills and knowledge of employees who come from a variety of disciplinary backgrounds and who have proved that they are able to collaborate with a shared sense of purpose. ThinkCreate will help to prepare students for that interdisciplinary way of working after graduating from The of University Sheffield.


ThinkCreate aims to provide students with an opportunity to:

  • experience interdisciplinary working through engagement with a problem or challenge connected to a ‘real world’ issue;
  • develop your academic skills and your understanding of how Arts & Humanities subjects relate to broader societal concerns;
  •  enhance your employability-related skills such as critical thinking, teamwork, project management, confident communication and professionalism.
Learning outcomes


By the end of the week students will be able to demonstrate the ability to:

  1. Respond critically to a contemporary societal issue using basic research tools and sources and ideas drawn from multiple fields of study;
  2. Understand the broad similarities and differences within and between Arts and Humanities subjects;
  3. Work effectively as part of a team to create an original, digital artefact that communicates ideas confidently to varied audiences;
  4. Deliver constructive feedback to peers and respond positively to ongoing feedback from peers and tutors;
  5. Employ a reflective approach to understand personal and collective learning.