“One of our original artefact ideas was to make posters with the quotes from the homeless, and set a picture of a stereotypical non-homeless person as the background. Another was to make a poll, asking what kind of group the person who said it might belong to. However, these ideas contradicted our aim of depicting homeless people as active citizens, as we were unintentionally putting a barrier between the homeless and the non-homeless, by emphasising the shock factor that a homeless person could have similarities with a non-homeless person. Because of this, we changed our idea to make it work more with the aim we had in mind. Our final artefact was shaped over the course of the week with the intent of changing perceptions of active citizenship and the role of homeless citizens within it. Our social media posts raise awareness and our website encourages interaction and events to help bring homeless citizens into the public sphere of civic engagement and discussion.”

Read this group’s full artefact commentary here.

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